TreadR - Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach App

TreadR - Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach App

TreadR - Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach AppTreadR - Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach AppTreadR - Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach App

Energize your cardio! Are you bored with your current treadmill workout routine? Want to stay motivated and engaged?

About TreadR

Do you want to do less… to get better results? Do you need motivation when you are doing a cardio workout? Do you get bored when you are running that same old boring treadmill workout? Whether you are a walker, jogger, runner, beginner or expert - TreadR is for you!

TreadR will help motivate and push you to have a better, more intense workout using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You can create your own workouts, use one of the many shared workouts from the TreadR community, or you can use TreadRize  to create workouts for you based on your preferred time frame and workout type!  Set goals for yourself and track your progress! 

A TreadR workout is designed to be a HIIT cardio workout. Your workout will consist of segments with different inclines and paces broken up with recovery periods. One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximum health benefits in minimal time. HIIT can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and results in helping you lose fat!

TreadR is designed for treadmills, however, it will work just as well if you are using any type of stair climber or exercise bike. Customized paces for stair climbers and exercise bikes coming soon.



✔ Create your own workout or use TreadRize! TreadR can create a workout for you based on your  specified time frame and workout types.

✔ Shared your workouts with the TreadR community. Like, rate, comment and favorite your workouts as well as other shared workouts.

✔ Vocal trainer that instructs you what to do and encourages you during your workout. Both male and female voices are included. More voices coming soon!

✔ Customize your workout stride. Get customized voice prompts based on your custom stride and pace. (Walk, Jog, Run)

✔ Workout results. Distance, calories burned and steps.

✔ Earn badges based on your workouts, distance, calories and steps. Share your badges on social media. Be proud of your accomplishments!

✔ Workout graph so you can visualize your workout.

✔ Workout history. TreadR keeps track of your workout history so you can track your progress and go back to workouts you love.

✔ Workout tips and suggested stretches.

✔ Step counter & heart rate tracking with Wear OS Device

✔ Heart rate workout zones (when you have heart rate data in a workout)

✔ Weekly stats

✔ Dark / Light theme

✔ Workout music playlists